Xtool D9EV - Komplett diagnoseverktøy for EL-biler

Komplett diagnoseverktøy for el-biler med batterianalyse (batteritilstand), full feilkodelesing og god dekning på spesialfunksjonene!

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Komplett diagnoseverktøy for el-biler med batterianalyse (batteritilstand), full feilkodelesing og god dekning på spesialfunksjonene!

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D9EV is a professional EV smart diagnostic system. Equipped with a 9.7-inch high-performance long-lasting tablet. The system supports Bluetooth communication, DoIP protocol, and CAN-FD protocol. N9EV supports most EV models in the market, and all the software including APP, diagnostic software, and operating system support online updates. N9EV covers extensive diagnostic functions, including Battery Pack Detection, Tesla diagnosis, Reading ECU Information, Reading/Clear DTCs, Reading Live Data, and IMMO functions more than 40 special functions.

  • ● Smart diagnostics system for U.S., European, Asian and Chinese electric, gas and diesel, and hybrid vehicles
  • ● OEM-level diagnostics for TESLA, comes with dedicated connectors, support DTC Reading/Clearing, Data streaming, Bi-directional Control and Special Functions.
  • ● Rapid analysis of EV high-voltage system including ability to read and erase codes and view live data
  • ● Battery pack detection can be performed via OBD or directly with included specialty cables and jumpers to monitor the voltage and temperature for battery cell
  • ● New models of battery pack can be added easily by CAN detection function for different manufacturer
  • ● One-click to start the off-vehicle drive test of component, including compressor, DCDC, OBC and 48V motor
  • ● Supports the latest communication protocols, including DoIP for Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW and CAN FD for GM
  • ● Provides fault code guidance for VAG and BMW. Supports offline programming for Ford, Lincoln and Mazda;
  • ● Switch between EV diagnostic mode and regular diagnostic mode as you wish.






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  • Certificate of Quality
  • Tool Case
  • Quick Guide


Main Units


  • P901 Tablet
  • Charger DC 12V-3A
  • Charger cable


Test Connectors


  • DB15 to OBD2-16 Main Cable
  • USB3.0 To Type_B Main Cable
  • USB3.0 Data Cable (Connect to PC)
  • TESLA battery pack Adapter J1E04
  • TESLA Adapter 1-L1E02
  • TESLA Adapter 2-L1E03
  • Universal jumper cables
  • Universal jumper adapter cables
  • Battery Clamp Wire
  • Cigar Lighter Cable



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